cheshireCheshire Hall Plantation is so close to the Providenciales business district. For as soon as you pass through the refuge of its rugged stone wall, you feel the present disappear. Sounds of traffic, construction and airplanes vanish and a lonely quiet takes their place, filling the silence with memories of the past.  Standing somber and still, you’ll discover ruins of the plantation’s Great House and several outbuildings, along with circular structures that held tools of the cotton industry, including a cotton gin and cotton press.

Loyalist Wade Stubbs, originally from the village of Gawsworth in the English county of Cheshire, received a grant of 860 acres on North Caicos. Here he built the Bellefield Plantation, later christened “Wade’s Green.” His holdings grew and Wade soon convinced his brother Thomas to leave Cheshire County and seek his fortune in the Caicos Islands. Thomas Stubbs settled on Providenciales (then known as Blue Caicos) and named his plantation after his home county.

Guided tours of Cheshire Hall are offered Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 4 PM. The cost is approximately $10.00. For reservations, call The National Trust at (649) 941-5710 or 231-1172.