blogfishFishing boats go out in the morning, return to shore in the evening, and are flying various flags. What is this? What does the flag mean? The flag is actually known as hanging out the laundry. This is not just for bragging rights but is a long-held tradition that started before the invention of  radios. Once upon a time fishermen would go to sea and fly the brightly coloured flags as they returned to shore to identify their catch to their fishwives, who would then run around and sale the fish before their man (and the fish) ever reached the dock.

Cool you say?

So flash forward to today, “modern times” and now we see an upside down flag. What in the world does this mean? Well a little research and I find that this signifies a fish has been caught and has been released ALIVE!

Just some interesting tidbits for you to scope out on the shores and marina’s near by!