Don’t consider yourself lost at any point. I will show you how easily you can get to Satori at Grace Bay once you’ve landed at the Providenciales Airport in the Turks & Caicos. Paradise is less than 10 minutes away!

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Note: Driving takes place on the left-hand side of the road, opposite from North America.

Exit the Airport

Round About # 1

You will first come to a ROUND ABOUT painted with Turks & Caicos on it. Continue through it on the left side and straight aheaed, passing the Provo Business Centre.

Round About # 2

You will approach another ROUND ABOUT continue through it on the left and straight through, this one is for Blue Hills.

Round About # 3

Continue on the LEEWARD HIGHWAY you will approach another ROUND ABOUT  continue through it on the left and straight through , this one is for South Dock. You will now be on a divided highway with double lanes each direction. You will climb a slight hill and pass the DO-IT CENTRE on your right hand side.

Round About # 4

Travel on the LEEWARD HIGHWAY to the next ROUND ABOUT called SUZIE TURN, Napa Auto Parts, will be on your right side of the highway. Continue straight through.

Round About # 5

Continue to the next ROUND ABOUT there will be a TEXACO Gas Station on your left side. Continue onward and straight through.

Left onto Pratt Road

Take your next roadway to your LEFT this will be called PRATT ROAD.

Right onto Lower Bight Road

When you come to the bottom of Pratt Road take a RIGHT onto LOWER BIGHT ROAD.

Passing By

Continue on Lower Bight Road passing in order the following:

  • The Bight Provincial Children’s Park
  • Gansevoort Resort
  • West Bay Club Resort
  • Penns Road
  • Coral Gardens Resort

Your Destination

The next road is Stubbs Road where your vacation begins! 25 Stubbs Road is located on the corner of Stubbs and Lower Bight, the first driveway on your right hand side, approach the white iron gate and you will be met by your hostess. The large blue house on the left,  is where your Satori vacation begins!

Discover Satori at Grace Bay