iguanaThe only way to see Iguana Island (or rather “Little Water Cay”) is by boat. There are numerous boat operators but I strongly recommend SAIL PROVO who will include a trip to Little Water Cay on one of their cruises. Iguana Island/ Little Water Cay is just across the Leeward channel from the island of Providenciales (Provo) and it takes about ten minutes to get there by a motor boat and rather longer by sail. It has been declared a sanctuary for the Rock Iguanas and home to several ospreys that nest there as well. There is a $5.00 entry fee that goes towards the National Trust whose guides will direct you along the broad walks to see the many iguanas that inhabit this Cay. You can take a tour walking on a raised wooden walkway to see the iguanas in trees, walking around, eating etc. The guide called some of the iguanas by name and they came running. Some have beads on their necks that have been put on for tagging and research purposes. A fun stop for kids and adults alike.