Living RoomThe Turks and Caicos Islands are a little-known gem in the Caribbean that have escaped the massive developments and hordes of tourists, making the territory a pleasant place to reside. Turks and Caicos living is the Caribbean at its best.

But trying to figure out how to move to the Turks and Caicos can sometimes be tough. Here is a brief list of things to consider:

TCI Immigration documents
In order to reside in the Turks & Caicos Islands you must have one of the following documents granted by the Department of Immigration:
Temporary Residence Certificate
Work Permit
Permanent Residence Certificate (PRC)

Power is provided by Fortis on Providenciales, North, Middle, and South Caicos. Utility costs in the Caribbean tend to be higher than in Canada and the US. But fortunately the constant tradewinds offer a refreshing source of “natural air conditioning” most of the time in Provo.

Cable TV
The main provider in the islands is WIV Cable TV. The connection charge ranges from between $100 and $500, plus $50 a month for the subscription.

Lime and Express High Speed Internet both have several service levels available at varying costs. Installation is approximately $150.00 and basic service starts at around $40.00 a month.

Importing Your Personal Goods
When moving to TCI for the first time a person may import personal effects (goods) free of duties. These goods must be intended solely for your personal use.

Owning a car on Provo
There are a number of new car dealerships on Provo, as well as opportunities to buy previously owned vehicles; If you import a motor vehicle (new or used) you will pay a duty rate based on the engine size.

Schools on Turks and Caicos
The British West Indies Collegiate is the only private secondary school on Providenciales with a current enrollment of over 100 students offering classes from year 6 up. There are a number of private elementary schools, including Provo primary and the Ashcroft school, as well as the newly established TCI middle school.

Bringing a pet to Turks and Caicos
For information you should contact TCI Environmental Health Department Veterinary and Animal Control Unit.

There is a new hospital in Providenciales accredited by Interhealth Canada, as well as several excellent private medical clinics. Most health care professionals hail from Canada, the UK and the US individuals working in TCI must pay into the national health insurance plan and they then benefit from the universal health care offered in TCI. Otherwise, individuals should purchase private medical insurance.