blog snorkelThere are plenty of shallow-water fish and corals. So perhaps snorkeling will be your thing? With the right gear and a little practice you will go home with memories you will never forget!

The first thing you have to remember is to relax… you are in paradise.

Secondly, you really need (it’s a must) to find a mask that fits properly.  How do you know if it is a proper fit? With no hair in the way and without the strap, place the mask on your face and INHALE. The mask should seal and stay put. If not? … guess what NOT THE RIGHT FIT.

Next, pull the strap over your head and make the mask snug.

Follow that by attaching the snorkel tube (the mouth bit) inside your mouth and bite down. The tube portion should stick back by your ear almost uncomfortable like. Now (if in water) you would breathe through your mouth and remember…

RELAX, you are in paradise.

Okay… all is good. But wait the mask is fogging up and I’m starting to freak! I can’t see and I’m breathing in and out my mouth, with fish all around me? Well, we can “treat the mask”. Guess what, you get to SPIT into the mask. Common, it’s your mask and it works! Rub your “spit” around the glass then rinse it out in the water.

Fins on… all basic stuff, walk backwards into the water or you can have three glasses of Rum Punch and run forward.

Last of all, with your gear in place, breathing through your mouth, spit on the glass and fins on you must remember to have fun. After all you are on VACATION!